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Third Age: Who’re you calling old?

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  • John Flanagan posted at 3:51 pm on Wed, Mar 12, 2014.

    John Flanagan Posts: 329

    Great observations for those over the hill folks in "denial." Yes, you can say you feel young, young at heart, and AARP can say you are a youngster in your prime, but the truth is evident when you look in the mirror and say to yourself, "Gosh, I look OLD! But everyone with a kind heart will say you look "good for your age" whatever that is supposed to mean. AARP sent me a membership form in the mail on the day I turned 50, which was almost twenty years ago. Then they send the monthly magazine with active seniors playing tennis, and advertisements for arthritis medication and technologically advanced walking canes. Why don't we just celebrate getting old as a normal cycle and stop all this denial stuff. And I am tired of seeing articles about skinny 100 year old seniors running 40 mile marathons as an insult to senior couch potatoes.


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