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Tyler Mott supports the commonsense conservative values that will help get people in Arizona back to work. The economic downturn has had severe effects on Southern Arizona families. Tyler Mott is running as the Republican nominee for the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 9 (LD9) in order to help people in the Tucson area overcome our economic recession.

Tyler’s wife, Judy, was born at TMC and Tyler has lived in the Tucson area for 28 years. Judy teaches 5th grade and Tyler has worked in the financial sector for the past 7 years. When Tyler Mott decided it was time to do something to help Southern Arizona families, he sat down with Judy and discussed the possibility of running for the new Tucson-area State Senate seat. With Judy's support, Tyler resigned from his position as a personal banker and loan officer with Wells Fargo in order to focus on winning the new open LD9 Senate Seat.

With the incredible help of many grass-roots volunteers, Tyler was able to collect an impressive 1071 signatures in less than 2 weeks and filed his nominating petitions on time.

Tyler and Judy are both very thankful to all of the volunteers who helped Tyler Mott make the August 28th primary ballot. Tyler received over 15,740 votes in the primary after just starting to get his name out to voters. Tyler also received over 360 more votes than his General Election opponent out of people who voted in person at the polls. This is despite the fact that Tyler's General Election opponent should have much higher name ID after representing his old liberal district for the past 6 years. This shows that Tyler has all of the momentum on his side. Winning this race on November 6, 2012 is well within reach for Tyler.

Throughout the coming weeks of the campaign, Tyler looks forward earning the support of voters in Arizona’s new Legislative District 9 as he shares his views with voters on how to get the people of Southern Arizona back to work again.

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