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Ally will work for You, the citizens of Pima County and promises an open door policy with more transparent practices so the taxpayers will know where their money is going.  Ally promises to keep you informed and to work for policies that will put Pima County on the path to success.  Ally believes we need  to Restore Trust in Pima county Government.  Elected officials need to be accountable to the people they work for.

2012 is the year to Vote for change in the direction of Pima county.  We can no longer expect change if we keep electing the same individuals to office.  The political gamesmanship is costing taxpayers millions and it is time to start working to make Pima County a safe and viable business community.  Ally has the business background and the passion to drive change from the bottom up in Pima County governance.

Ally has lived in Tucson for nearly 30 years.  She and her husband, Jeff, who works for a local defense contractor, live in Northwest Tucson.  They have been married for 18 years.

Ally is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Eller School of Management.

Ally is a business woman experienced in pricing, contract negotiation, procurement, budgeting, auditing,  government contracts, engineering program controls along with experience in consolidating and streamlining processes.

Ally undertook the role of owner/builder for the home she and her husband built in 2000 in which they still reside.  She is proud of the fact that her first undertaking building a home was completed on schedule and on budget.

Ally has served as a  republican precinct committeewoman and has been active in local politics for several years.  Ally took a stand and spoke out out against wasteful spending and irresponsible management of our taxpayer dollars.  Ally has worked to help bring about awareness of the issues facing Pima County.  Most recently she spoke out at City Council and Rio Nuevo board meetings to stop the Hotel and to worked to bring the FBI and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to Tucson to investigate the $230 Million debacle known as Rio Nuevo.  Ally will be a voice for the citizens.  Her door will always be open to all citizens of Pima County and she will listen to you.

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